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RC258, RC162 & RC80 Zeotec-RodosCycling events is a long distance cyclo-sportive rides around the beautifully island of Rhodes in Greece. Starting from inside Diagoras Velodrome commutes, between sea side views and mountains villages, through a route that gives the opportunity to all participants to discover Rhodes island beauty and its 2500 years history.
Participants can choose between three different events. RC258 is the longest of three distanced 258km long and the most challenging with approx. 4.000m elevation gain. RC162 is the middle-distanced event 162km long recommended for all cyclist who willing to challenge themselves but not exceeding to much. RC80 is more like the leisure distance event 80 km long for those cyclists who would like to enjoy their ride with the less giving effort.

The start and the finish line for all three events is located at inside Diagoras Velodrome stadium.

All three events begin at 07.00. 

There will be 5 feed zones for the RC258 participants, 4 feed zones for the RC162 participants and one feed zone for the RC80 participants.

There are time limits for all three events. The time limit for the RC258 is 13 hours, the time limit for the RC162 is 9 hours and the time limit for the RC80 is 5 hours. All riders must complete their effort inside the predefined time limits for a qualified time. 

All participants registered at the event can change their distance event preference even at the last time. So keep on training without stress.


Everyone above 16 years can participate in any of the three RC258 Events. For every cyclist under 18 years of age a written parental consent is needed in order to participate. There is not a maximum age limit.

If you haven’t got a cycling license you can participate in the event being insured using a one-day insurance from the organization sponsor RodosCycling.

The current legislation for cycling contests allows the participation without medical examination. Nonetheless, all participants are advised to do a medical examination before participating in the RC258 Events since it requires a great physical effort. When registering, participants declare that they are physically fit to take part in the event.


The registration can only be done on-line at the official RC258 Events site. The registration opens at the 10th of January 2019. Accommodation packages offers will be on-line from the 1st of January 2019. The registration of RC258 Events includes a starting bag with a t-shirt and sponsor’s presents. The finishers will receive medals and a digital certificate with their race result.

Yes, there is. RodosCycling has to offer you the best offers for accommodation. For more info click here.

The registration fee will NOT be refunded or transferred to another person. The registration is personal and non-transferable. Registered participants may only participate with the number that has been assigned to them and they agree not to allow others to use their number.

Number Collection 

Registration numbers and other items will be given at the RC258 Events official hotel on the 2nd of May from 09.00-13.00 & from 17.00-20.00 and on the 3rd of May from 09:00 till 21:00. In order to pick up the bib number it is mandatory to show your ID or passport.