Covid19 Regulations

All participants of the festival will have to demonstrate negative test results (PCR or rapid 48 hours or self test within 24 hours) to the auditors of the event. If someone has been fully vaccinated, they have to show the vaccination certificate.

Event Regulations

  1. RC258, RC162 & RC80 , RC Hilly TT  RodosCycling events are hosted under Greek Cycling Federation, UCI and Cycle Tourism as a free speed cyclosportive event where the individual participation is a motivation for self-improvement and leisure as a culture of tourism. There will be a classification list for all the finishing participants and a special diploma will be given as a proof of completion, showing the event distance and completion time.
  1. A prior registration for any kind of event is mandatory. The participation fee for everyone is 80 euros for RC258 distances & 30 euro for RC Hilly TT. The organization will provide a bib number for every participant and an additional insurance cost of 10 euro will be offered as a promotion gift for free by RodosCycling company. The members of Greek Cycling Federation can participate in the race providing a valid Greek cycling license.
  1. In order for someone to participate in the race, he must be over 18 years old or 16 years old with parent consent. A valid cycling license of Greek Cycling Federation or a one-day license and insurance which can be acquired from the organizational committee is required. Every participation is under personal own risk and responsibility. During registration the participants are declared healthy and physically fit to take part at the event.
  1. Registration for the event and payment can only be done online at organizers webpage. Only paid subscriptions will be accepted.
  1. The registration is strictly personal, not transferable and it cannot be used by any other except the person registered. The bib No can only be collected by the participator after showing any valid ID document.
  1. Every participant will have a unique number which has to be placed at the front of the bike. A timing chip will be attached at the number plate, used from the official timing keepers of the event, to provide an accurate classification for the event. The number plate with the chip attached has to be clearly visible and placed at the predefined position. All the participants are obligated to return their number plates with the attached chip back to the organizers committee in order to avoid any additional charges.
  1. In case of any participant who abandon or will fail to stay in the predefined time limits or, race marshals will stop them and collect their bib numbers setting them out from the event completion. The participants can be either transferred back to the finish by one of the sweepers cars or by their own following the traffic rules without any responsibility and assistance from the organization.
  1. Sign up and collection of the participation numbers and extra items can be done at the registry office, which is placed in the official Race Hotels: Mitsis Grand Hotel on October 26th 2021, Mitsis Rodos Maris on October 27th 2021 from 17.00-20.00 and on October 29th 2021 from 17.00-20.00.  Any sign up after these times will not be accepted.
  1. If any participant for any reason is seen to be towed on any vehicle, he will be immediately disqualified by the organization from the event.
  1. Predefined feed and hydrations zones will be announced at the race briefing and information will be given at the race book or at the official organization website.
  1. The events will be overlooked by official qualified medical doctors and ambulances will follow the participants along the routes. There will be a fixed aid station and a medical post at the arrival area.
  1. Technical support will be provided by the organizers at the start line and during the race from the organization official service cars. Technical support will be free of charge, but use of any extra materials that will be used may apply an extra charge. Private or team service is not allowed at any circumstances during the events and a failure to meet this regulation will lead to an immediate disqualification and maybe to a future exclusion.
  1. Every participant is responsible for their own equipment which has to meet UCI specifications. Only road bikes meeting UCI specification can be used for all the events. Mountain bikes, TT or triathlon bikes, fixed bikes, e-bikes or any other type of bike is not allowed to be used at any of the events. The participants are obligated to wear a UCI approved helmet and recommended to wear a road bike approved suit.
  1. The events will be supervised by the Rhodes Traffic Police, the Rhodes Municipal Police and the Race Marshals who all in cooperation will ensure the safety of the event. The organization may order partial or total suspension of the event if there is sufficient information on risks that may affect the safety of participants or collaborating personnel, such as adverse weather phenomena (storms, heavy winds, hailing, etc.) floods, landslides, terrorist threat, etc. or any other incident outside the cycling tour that could potentially affect it. In case of a change at the routes of the events, in order to avoid any of the above, participants will be informed at the race briefing or before the events start.
  1. All the participants must follow the provisions of the road safety act and its regulations. Each participant declares to know the event regulations. By all means with this document, participants declare that they assume the risks involved in the event and that the organization shall not be liable for any incident or accident resulting from taking part in the event.
  1. The Organization shall not be liable for any accident that may be caused by or involved a participant, who must be covered by the federated insurance, nor is it liable for any expenses or depts that may be incurred during the event by participants, nor for any loss or damage regarding bicycles or other equipment of the participants. The organization will be exempt from any liability for loss or damage of personal property under any circumstances.
  1. Without prior notice the Organization reserves the right to make any appropriate changes if deemed necessary for any reason. It also reserves the right to Refuse Admission of participating at the events to those who are firmly sanctioned for doping, either by the UCI or any other national federation or body with the corresponding powers.
  1. The acceptance of the regulations necessarily implies that the participant authorizes the organizers to record all or part of their participation, accept the use of their image to promote the events or any other event organized or commercialized by the organization or RodosCycling company in all formats ( radio, print, video, photos, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.) and transfers all rights to commercial exploitation and advertising deemed appropriate, without any entitlement to receive financial compensation.
  1. Merely registering for this event implies acceptance of these regulations and waiving of all rights regarding the Organization, renouncing any legal action that might result from participation in the event. By registering the participant confirms that he accepts and agrees to respect the regulations of UCI and the Greek National Cycling Federation, as well as the particular regulations of the event. It also undertakes to accept the guidelines of the organization staff and of the security and first aid services, the risks associated with their participation, especially health risks, fall or collision, as well as risks related to road traffic and adverse weather conditions, where appropriate. Each participant is responsible for behaving respectfully with the environment, and for this purpose to take all appropriate measures in terms of environmental protection, not throwing waste along the route.
  1. Participants will be strictly penalized in the following cases:
  • If not cycle through the departure checkpoint and the other checkpoints located along the route.
  • Locate themselves at departure locations that are not permitted by their participant number.
  • Do not respect the Highway code.
  • Do not respect the security procedures given by the police and by the Race Marshals.
  • Have their own escort vehicle, hindering the progress of the rest.
  • Littering or degrading the route by throwing away rubbish.
  • Behave in a way that stops the event from being carried out as normal and that contravenes these regulations.
  • Members of the Police and of the Organization will take note of those who behave as mentioned above.
  • The Organization has a commitment with other participants and the authorities to penalize such participants effectively.

The penalties can be:

  • Disqualification from the event without the right to receive a diploma or medal.
  • Inclusion on the list of penalized participants, for later publication.
  • A ban of taking part in future events.
  • Any penalties imposed by the authorities, warranted as a result of the attitude taken.
  1. The Organization will not be liable if, without prior notice the event is suspended, the courses are modified or it is postponed due to force majeure.
  1. Distinguished participants must pick up their trophies at the podium as they will not be sent by post.
  1. The participant declares to have read and accepted the legal conditions for taking part in the RC258 Events:
  • The participants declare that they understand that RC258 RodosCycling Events is a sportive event.
  • The participants declare that they are in a good health condition to take part in a resistance or ultra-resistance sportive event.
  • The participants declare that they are the only one responsible for the care – keeping of their material, including loss or damage of any personal items, as well as theft or other reasons.
  • The participants declare to abide by the rules of the Rhodes Greek traffic police department and its regulations.
  • The participants declare that they exonerate the RC258 Events and the executive committee of RC258 Events, the Greek Cycling Federation, the south Aegean sport and tourism department and/or any other individual or legal connected with the Organization of the event from any liability arising from any accident due either to reasons of traffic or to sporting accidents.
  • The participants declare that they accept to exercise extreme precautions for any kind of unforeseen events or vehicles that might be driving on the route.
  • The participants declare that they know that there are hazardous stretches on which they must take special care. Also, that there are prolonged descents with bends on which they will reduce speed in order to avoid harm to themselves or others.
  • The participants declare that they know the possibility of suffering a sport accident is inherent to cycling, and they personally assume liability for any accident they may cause to themselves or other participants in the event and a third party unconnected with the event, exonerating RC258 RodosCycling Events from any liability arising from such accidents.