Responsible Event

RODOSCYCLING company as founder and organizer of RC258 Zeotec – RodosCycling cycling marathon event will support Rhodes cycling community, by contributing ten percent (10%) from all participation fees as a donation for the renovation of Diagoras Stadium track.
Diagoras cycling track stadium was built in 1932 from the Italian authorities and used as a football stadium and cycling Velodrome. The first name of the stadium was Arena del Sole with original capacity of 8.500 people. Later the name changed to Diagora Stadium in honor of the Greek ancient Olympic winner Diagoras the Rodian and the capacity reduced to 3.693 people sited and at many occasions during the National Greek track championships hosted over 5.000 cycling funs.
Our vision is to help renovate Diagoras stadium in order to be able hosting again big track cycling events and to help cycling retrieve its former glory as Rhodians favorite sport.
We hope that our effort and contribution will be seen by the cycling community and attract the interest of more cyclists, more events and new sponsors.

diagoras stadium RC258